Healing Hands Farm


The Farmers

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We are Michaela Cruz and Dan Fuller.  Our intention is to offer high quality organically grown vegetables to local people and make a healthy living doing so. Our belief is this contributes to the necessary healing of bodies, communities and the land. Our specialty is providing a wide-range of Asian greens that are underserved in the locally grown vegetable market. Healing Hands Farm started and will remain as a small scale, simple and ecologically diverse farming operation. As we refine growing practices appropriate to the land through learning and experimenting, weekly vegetable share subscriptions will be available mid-season 2018 to be picked up at our market locations. Vegetable shares will be priced on a sliding scale to encourage more accessibility to healthy, sustainably grown food.  The farm is a suitably humble 1 acre of leased land 10km west of Guelph. The land was used as horse pasture in the past but has been unused by humans for the last decade.